The Wedding Day

Now that we have covered a couple of different wedding styles it is time to share some funny wedding stories.

There was this one time where a bride and groom living in Minnesota were taking some pictures before the wedding when the dock they were standing on collapsed. Most everyone on that dock was soaked with water up to their stomachs. While that unexpected event ruined their pictures, it is a night that neither of them will forget.

Everyone has different expectations of how wedding day is going to look. Young couples that are getting married for the first time are going to have very high expectations. Married couples will not shy away from sharing what you should really expect to happen during the wedding day. One married couple said that neither of them ate all day because of how anxious they were. So they decided to order Chinese food at 4:00 am and proceeded to have sex. Another married couple said they both sat on the floor watching television while the bride removed the thousands of hairpins out of her hair. Then they both crashed. After getting married a bride and groom feel asleep, woke up, and then ate cake in bed naked. One couple preferred to have Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

As you can see there are infinite ways to celebrate the big event. The key is to be creative and spend as much time with friends and family as possible. A wedding is the event you should never forget, so hire a wedding photographer in Mexico to capture all your happy moments.