Choose Your Wedding Style

Image your significant other has come home from work early surprising you with fancy dinner plans at one of your favorite restaurants. You have no idea why your significant other is in such a good mood or what the special occasion is (yet), but you play along.

After dinner is over, yet again, the significant other he says he has a surprise. You both drive over to the nearest beach to enjoy the sunset together. The two of you sit together on the beach enjoying the cool breeze and bright sunlight. Before you even realize what is going on he starts to get on one knee and pulls out a small package from inside his jacket. It was at that moment you two became officially engaged.

Fast forward a few hours and as you are getting ready for bed. Your body is tired from traveling all day, but the mind is just waking up. There are millions of thoughts running through your head regarding when the wedding will take place, what dress to wear, who to invite, and where the wedding will take place. It has only been a few hours since the proposal and everything needs to be perfect. This is one of the biggest, most exciting moments in your life. The bride and groom can do more than just introduce themselves.

The only problem is neither you nor your husband has experience with weddings (obviously). Here are some wedding styles to consider:

1) Beach wedding

A beach is a beautiful place to have a wedding. There is a nice ocean breeze, open areas to dance, and a scenic background for the best-looking pictures you will never forget. The bride, groom, and all friends and family can enjoy the peaceful sounds of the ocean brushing up against the shoreline during the ceremony.

2) Smaller more personal wedding

Every couple is going to want a different size wedding. Some couples prefer smaller, intimate weddings over bigger weddings at a public location with people they may have never met before. There are plenty of benefits to hosting a smaller wedding. Couples on a budget would be able to save more money by offering a full dinner to around 50 guests compared to offering cake and snacks to one hundred or more guests. At smaller wedding events couples have more time to spend chatting with guests and make photos with wedding photographer Merida.

With a smaller wedding, more people can get involved in dancing, skits, and speak on behalf of the couple getting married. It makes the night that much more entertaining. You would be surprised as to what kind of memories or jokes may be said by someone in the audience.

3) Wedding with a huge after party

Those young couples that love to be active and dance can host a short wedding party and then invite all guests to stay all night (or as long as they can) and dance until they can not dance anymore. It will be so much fun and give everyone a chance to just enjoy themselves. With this wedding style, it is recommended to have rides for all the guests in case things get wild.